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Welcome Parents

A big hello and warm welcome to all parents!
Thank you for taking the time to visit the parent information section of our website. We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm that you are giving to your children, teachers and mentors as we embark on this exciting and fast paced journey in your child's final year of PYP.
This website is a good resource for keeping up to date with what’s going on with the Exhibition, so be sure to check it regularly! It will provide you with an opportunity spark conversations with your child at home about their Exhibition process, as well as inform you of how you can best support your child as they go through the Exhibition.

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Role of the Parent

As a parent and stakeholder in this process, you also play an important role in the Exhibition. You can support your child by:

  • having an understanding of the purpose and requirements of the Exhibition

  • supporting and encourage students and teachers throughout the process of inquiry

  • being informed by reading newsletters, attending meetings, checking school websites, talking with students

  • helping students to access resources – people, places, media, and information

  • providing expert subject knowledge where applicable

  • acting as mentors as required or appropriate

  • encouraging independent inquiry and respect student ownership of the process

  • having an opportunity to reflect on and give feedback on the Exhibition

  • celebrating with the students by attending the staging of the Exhibition


Parent Information

The more you know... the more you can support your child's exhibition journey!


Parent Information  2019

At the very beginning of our PYP Exhibition we invited parents to an information afternoon. Please click on the link to access the PPT we shared.